Products and Services for Small Businesses

Deluxe partners with small businesses and financial institutions to accelerate growth.

Background check and pen: How do Background Checks is your source for services and products you need to promote your business. Deluxe started out as a company that solely provided consumers with personalized checks and a check holder to match. Now they have checks and business products, print marketing, promotional products and business services. They serve the needs of small businesses as well as those of financial institutions.

Deluxe has a wide array of ordering options for business checks.

Deluxe deserves praise for its thorough online check ordering services in the business field. With this service, you get security features along with 80 personal check designs. It is easy to find a check design to express your style, but there are some limits to how much variety you can find within each point of interest.

From laser to manual to High Security checks, Deluxe is the leaders when it comes to customizable business checks that fit your specific needs. Whether you call or order business checks online, Deluxe guarantees you'll get exactly what works for you. Deluxe also carries deposit slips and cash management products, check envelopes, business stamps, and other banking supplies. has a number of solutions to help Small business owners

Not only do they have small packages for customers with minimal needs but they also have larger service packages to accommodate those who need help with a slew of projects.

Business bundles range in scope, price and coverage. Some of the package prices are as follows: “Create Your Brand�with a start-up cost of $299.00 plus $32.00/ month; “Get Online�is $274.95/month; “Engage Your Customers�is $313.00/month; “Attract New Customers�costs $649.99/month; “Launch a New Product�for $764.00/month; and the “Get found�package is $600.00/ month.

Why Customers Choose deluxe's logo design service

When Customers contact Deluxe they expected the "business as usual" interaction. They are amazingly surprised. The are contacted almost immediately. The phone conversation is pleasant, informative and productive. The staff member is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. The interactions during the development are extremely helpful. Everyone they deal with is friendly and professional. The experience is great. They would recommend Deluxe to anyone needing graphic arts and logo design work.


Deluxe has a large assortment of check personalization options, such as logo designs and custom fonts, even though its essential themes are limited. In addition, it offers business check features that fulfill accounting responsibilities. We are impressed with its offerings for professional check users.


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